No Kooks in Congress (video)

It’s 15 feet tall, as wide as a basketball court, and towering over Beach Blvd, right where someone we know (ahem, Rohrabacher, cough cough) definitely doesn’t want it. It’s a giant billboard and it features Orange County candidates Dana Rohrabacher and Scott Baugh as Russian nesting dolls, surrounded by pals Putin and Trump. OC will know what’s really going on with two of their top conservative candidates in the upcoming June 5th primary.

With the help of the OC community, we not only raised the funds to get this billboard made (and they’re not cheap), but we got it up within the district in time to run until the primaries, and got a bunch of fine folks out for an old fashioned political rally! Thanks to everyone who made it out last week, and keep up the good fight! We will continue raising our voices for CA-48 (coastal Orange County). We love coastal OC, and we stand with residents who refuse to let oil drilling rigs take over their sunset horizon views. We say no to unethical candidates who are willing to sell out their congressional district for cash.


The comrade and the crook

If you haven’t been keeping up with our fight against Dana Rohrabacher and Scott Baugh, here’s the quick and (very) dirty of it.

Dana Rohrabacher, often called “Putin’s Favorite Congressman”, chaired the subcommittee that oversees Russia policy, despite fellow Republicans moving to curtail his power due to his pro-Russia views, according to an article by Politico. Scott Baugh, who is described by the Los Angeles Times as “A Rohrabacher Protege”, was originally recruited by him in 1995, and is now running as his rival. Baugh reportedly brings with him a checkered history of fraud, criminal activity, and a questionable meeting with Nigel Farage and Arron Banks, authors of “Brexit”, to discuss breaking California into two states, according to the OC Register.

Locals gather for a rally near the billboard on Beach Blvd. in CA-48 in Orange County. 

Locals gather for a rally near the billboard on Beach Blvd. in CA-48 in Orange County. 

“We all know who Dana Rohrabacher is -– Russia’s favorite, and most effective, congressman. Now, we’re really concerned that his apprentice, Scott Baugh could possibly be his replacement,” says William Rinehart, Director of Blue Uprising. “Southern California has a real risk of having only two options in the November elections, either a Russian intelligence source and advocate, or a man convicted of breaking nearly every single campaign finance law. Scott has had 4 counts of perjury, 18 misdemeanors and paid over $47,900 in violations. Scott Baugh has paid more money in criminal violations than many Americans make in a year.”

Wait, is this ocean related?

Blue Uprising fights for candidates that fight for the ocean. We also stand up against kooks like Rohrabacher and Baugh, who clearly do not have the best interests of the environment or their constituents, in mind when working in the political sphere. Southern California coastal communities deserve better representation.

Baugh, charged with election fraud, has been groomed by Rohrabacher for over twenty years. Meanwhile, Rohrabacher has voted in favor of dangerous offshore drilling, prohibiting the EPA from regulating greenhouse gas emissions, and has called climate change a fraud, while raising hundreds of thousands of dollars from the oil industry using his position on the Science Committee. “We don’t know what those other cycles were caused by in the past,” Rohrabacher said at a February 2007 hearing. “Could be dinosaur flatulence, you know, or who knows?”’

California's jungle primaries

California is known for having ‘jungle primaries’, in which the top two candidates go on to the midterm elections regardless of party. For CA-48, that means there could be two kooks–Dana Rohrabacher and his pal Scott Baugh–on the ticket. These two have had a close relationship for years, and are now suddenly ‘rivals’. We call BS on this rivalry, since these two have been buddies for 20 years or so. Join us and the surfing community on June 5th as we stand up for coastal districts and say no to candidates like Dana Rohrabacher and Scott Baugh.