Why would a politician that represents a coastal community ever support offshore drilling, support unsustainable fishing and ignore science?

Because these politicians are being paid by massive corporations. Blue Uprising is a Political Action Committee ready to fight for candidates who are ready to fight for the Ocean.

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Targeted State Races

House Districts 83, 85, 91, 95 & 100

Senate Districts 7 & 8

Blue Uprising Virginia is a Political Action Committee that will help flip both the State Senate and House by focusing on coastal districts in the Commonwealth.


What We Care About

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Offshore Drilling

The oil spill in 2010 by BP’s Deepwater Horizon led to over 200 million gallons of oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico. Fish, bird and marine mammals were depleted, jobs were lost, coastal economies were shut down. It is not worth the risk.


Marine PROTECTED areas 

Opening up Marine Protected Areas will benefit a few politicians and billionaires, but it could mean extinction for our under the sea friends. When our oceans are healthy, we are healthy.


sustainable fishing & catching

Global fisheries are on the verge of collapse. According to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), three quarters of the world’s fisheries are now overexploited, fully exploited, significantly depleted or recovering from overexploitation. With further deregulation, we will only be left with Chicken or Beef for dinner.


climate change

232 out of the 435 Congressional Members do not believe in climate change. We are focusing on the most hypocritical climate change deniers, the politicians who represent coastal congressional districts. Especially those who have sea walls protecting their beach homes from climate change.

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sustainable energy

Using wind, solar, tides and other green energy sources will increase the lifespan of all of earth's inhabitants. Yes, it might put a dent in oil companies profits, but they didn't seem to care when they killed the Gulf of Mexico’s fishing industry.

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single use plastic

There are more pieces of microplastic in the ocean right now than there are stars in the milky way. The plastic lobby is hard at work keeping the status quo, we are hard at work to eliminate single use plastic entirely.

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"We can't have Congressional members building seawalls to protect their coastal home and then deny climate change. That's hypocrisy at its best"

- Rob "Birdlegs" Caughlan, former Surfrider President and Blue Uprising Chairman.

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Trump has spent over $9 million on his reelection campaign. We need to start evening out the playing field. Blue Uprising is running digital campaigns targeting swing voters in purple states.


What We’re Up Against



Oil Lobby Spending

The oil industry spent $19,998,012,349 on lobbying in the past 10 years.



Against science

The U.S Chamber of Commerce spent $90,000,000 to argue against climate change in 2014 alone.



Bottles of Plastic

Americans use 29 million water bottles water every year - only 13% of these bottles are recycled.


 2018 Recap


Blue Uprising provided its proof of concept by helping flip four coastal congressional districts in 2018. We worked with local leaders in each congressional district and developed a message that we knew voters in that community would be receptive to. We are extremely thoughtful and diligent with the way we talk to voters and it showed in November of 2018.