William Rinehart

William Rinehart is the Founder and Director of Blue Uprising. Before launching the PAC, Billy ran a consulting firm serving clients including Save the Waves, Sustainable Coastlines, Parsonii Watches and select ocean-minded political candidates. After receiving his B.S. from the University of North Carolina Wilmington, he accepted an offer at the Surfrider Foundation in Australia. As his career progressed, Billy had the honor of helping an unknown law professor from Illinois become the President of the United States. He and his wife, Abby Wakefield, currently live in California, but can often be found chasing waves in Hawaii, helping conscious candidates win elections, or taking friends out for a sunset sail.


Christen Vidanovic

Director of Communications, Christen Vidanovic has a background as colorful as her personality. She brings a background in journalism, writing and photography, and marries it with her love of storytelling, along with a deep care for the well-being of all individuals, to lead communications at Blue Uprising. She is responsible for all of Blue Uprising's outgoing marketing and communications, and believes in being a champion for good. Christen has a BA in Journalism from the University of Hawaii, Manoa. When she isn't mitigating potential face-palms, she can be found cooking beautiful meals from local produce, practicing yoga, hiking, volunteering, instigating impromptu beach trash pick-up competitions, traveling internationally and camping in some of the worlds most exciting and scenic locations. 


Diya Tahiliani

Director of Technology (and Blue Uprising's resident tech-guru), Diya Tahiliani, is a software engineer with more than a decade in the technology industry. Her experience as a high school math teacher specializing in classroom technology integration,  Data Analytics for local political campaigns and organizations, Big Data marketing, and low cost domestic sourcing economic development serve along with her role as a marketing consultant in Big Data and data analyst for local political campaigns, serve to inspire and her inform her pivotal role at Blue Uprising. Diya holds a BS in Applied Mathematics from UC Davis, and is a champion for women, the environment, and the under-represented. When she's not helping the rest of the Blue Uprising team avoid blowing up the website, Diya loves running, cooking and mountain biking.

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Peter Hinga

Blue Uprising Campaign Director, Peter Hinga, has been passionately involved in Colorado politics for the past fourteen years. His career started wtih the G8 Summit in Denver, along with the senate race of Dottie Lamb, and Senator Mark Udall's first congressional race. In 2004 he served on John Salazar's first campaign as the Issues and Research Director. After the campaign, Peter joined Congressman Salazar in his Washington office. In addition to his political and policy background, Peter also worked for a summer at CNBC for their political/finance show Capital Report. After taking a break to spend time in Los Angeles acting and writing, graduating and performing at The Second City Los Angeles, he returned to Colorado in 2010 tp manage a successful State House campaign, serving as a Research Analyst for Project New West. He is currently traveling the great American Southeast serving as the Client Relations Manager for Mogul Solutions. Despite his career taking him far from the ocean, Peter is an strong environmental advocate, and is compelled to use his breadth of political knowledge and experience to support ocean-minded candidates and legislation.



As Blue Uprisings Chief Comfort Pawfficer, Maude brings seven years of cuddling experience and nothing but good vibes to our team. A fearless leader, she will sit in your lap and calm your nerves through the most frightening of tweets. While she technically can’t vote (yet), the beach is her top destination for a good run and a game of fetch. You might recognize her sweet face as she is a frequent guest star on the Blue Uprising instagram stories.