Blue Uprising takes the #BlueWaveChallenge

Check out our Founder and Director, William Rinehart, as he takes a wave to the face for the #BlueWaveChallenge, launched by Indivisible CA 48 in coastal Orange County, CA. Naturally, he nominated our Director of Communications, Christen Vidanovic (who managed to narrowly evade the bucket-of-water-to-the-face-part). Now, Blue Uprising nominates you! Democracy was always meant to be this fun/easy/water-oriented right? 

Here's how you can take the #BlueWaveChallenge in 3 easy steps:
1) Commit to vote
2) Commit to building the blue wave (give one specific action)
3) Let the blue wave wash over you and challenge 5 of your friends (or 3)

California's primaries are coming in hot on Tuesday, so there's no time like the present to commit to vote, while having the pleasure of peer-pressuring your friends to participate as well. Democracy isn't a spectator sport, and from our impression, you're more than just a spectator anyways. See you at the polls on Tuesday!  

William Rinehart