Jojo Howard

Joanne "Jojo" Howard is a small-business owner in Hawaii, who also serves on the Board of Directors for the non-profit organization Peace by Piece, which aids children in developing countries. Jojo was raised on Oahu, and like many local kids, developed her love of surfing at a young age. While tackling her Bachelor’s of Science in Business, a well-timed business and culture course took her overseas for the first time, sparking a desire to travel and meet new people. She has since traveled around the world, working in Europe, teaching in South America, and volunteering in Africa. Her love for the ocean brought her back home to Hawaii where she lives with her wife and runs her business, Gone Surfing Hawaii, established in 2010.


Michael Scott moore

Michael Scott Moore is the author of a novel called Too Much of Nothing, along with a travel book about surfing called Sweetness and Blood, which was named a best book of 2010 by both The Economist and Popmatters. He covered the 2011 trial of ten Somali pirates in Europe for Spiegel Online, then traveled to Somalia in early 2012 to research a book. He was kidnapped and held hostage for two and a half years. His memoir about the ordeal, The Desert and the Sea, came out from Harper Collins in July 2018, and he was recently interviewed on Fresh Air by Terry Gross, Joe Rogan, and many others, as the book launched.


skye Wagoner

Student, athlete and activist Skye Wagoner is a Senior at Long Beach State University. Not your average college student, Skye is on the LBSU Surf Team and will soon be receiving her degree in Mechanical Engineering. She is driven by a desire to support change in policy around climate change, gun violence and immigration. Skye most recently was a lead organizer at the National March on NRA, working with March For Our Lives.


Robert Caughlan

Robert "Birdlegs" Caughlan started surfing in l959. He won the North Coast Surfers championship in l963, surfed in three state championships, amateur trophies in four additional decades. He wrote the first of many articles on ocean policy for Surfer Magazine in l970. He served as President of the Surfrider Foundation from l984-1992. Today, he has been leading the charge for the Surfrider Foundation's battle in The California Supreme Court for access at Martins Beach. In addition to surfing, he has worked on environmental policy for the California State Assembly, the US Congress, the Environmental Protection Agency and in the Carter White House.


Abby Wakefield Co-Founder

Abby Wakefield is a lawyer currently serving as Assistant General Counsel at Jupiter Networks in Sunnyvale, California. She shares her husband (and Blue Uprising Founder) Billy Rinehart's passion for the ocean, and the two can often be found sailing the high seas to the thumping, sweet sounds of Jay-Z and Beyonce. Abby believes we are at a juncture in our country's history, and that political laziness is a luxury we can't afford. She believes that the ocean is a precious resource and has vowed to use her powers to protect it, and support others that are fighting the good fight.


Justin Housman

Justin Housman writes for Surfer Magazine, Adventure Journal, and is the editor for the Encyclopedia of Surfing. He's passionate about hiking, surfing, fishing, land rights, the environment, adventure, strange characters, and he most recently picked up engaging in electoral warfare with Russia's very own Dana Rauhbacher. Justin is married and lives in San Francisco, California. His passion for the ocean stoked his excitement to join Blue Uprising to galvinize ocean voters.


Jaimal Yogis

Writer, teacher and outdoorsman, Jaimal Yogis is the author of multiple reflective, ocean-inspired books including All Our Waves Are Water, Saltwater Buddha and The Fear Project. He is a graduate of Columbia Journalism school, and his writing has won several journalism awards, along with appearing in The Washington Post, The Atlantic, ESPN Magazine and many others. Jaimal is a compelling speaker, frequently presenting to Silicon Valley companies, advertising agencies, and univerities like UCSF and UC Berkeley. He lives in San Francisco with his family, and can be often found meditatively riding the humbling waves at Ocean Beach.


Colin Roussil

Colin currently serves as Senior Director of Investor Relations at Activision Blizzard. Previously, Colin worked in Bain & Company’s Chicago office from 2011 to 2016. During his time with Bain, Colin worked in the private equity group and with consumer and retail clients on strategy and growth cases. In addition to casework, Colin worked with the Chicago office’s Inspire non-profit consulting group and was active in Bain’s MBA recruiting efforts. His close friendship with Blue Uprising founder, Billy Rinehart, and is love for the Ocean compelled him to join this great organization. Colin’s ocean related life revolves around surfing, swimming, and the occasional scuba.